Pyrrha Lionhearted Paperclip Chain Bracelet

# B81-S-802

Pyrrha Lionhearted Paperclip Chain Bracelet

# B81-S-802

The lion on this talisman symbolizes bravery and determination. The heart — engraved with 'cor', meaning 'heart' in Latin — held between its paws inspires the wearer to choose courage over fear.

Talisman chain bracelet featuring a small talisman on a paperclip chain bracelet.

Product Details


Charm measures approx. 20mm x 18mm.
Small measures 6.5" in length.
Medium measures 7" in length.
Large measures 7.5" in length.

Name Lionhearted Paperclip Chain Bracelet
Stock Number B81-S-802
Type Bracelet
Materials Bronze, Oxidized Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver

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Enderby Jewellers Pyrrha

Where some see imperfection, we see character, individuality, and strength. Inspired by antique wax seals, our sustainably handcrafted talismans are rich in symbolism and hold deep personal meaning for those who wear them. We create sustainable jewelry that holds personal significance for those who wear it. People connect with symbols and their meanings, and the individual way they resonate with their personality, ambitions, struggles or source of joy. Our intention with our talismans is to offer inspiration, connection, or simply a bit of comfort.